Friday, July 31, 2009

What this is all about

I decided to write this blog so I can keep in touch with my friends and let them know how I ma doing and to store memories for my self. To give a little background on this blog i will explain two things its name and the URL I chose for it.

1. "A Son Returns Home" - Literally I am going home, to my land to where we all came from. Every day Jews pray "וקבצינו יחד מי ארבא קנפות הארץ" "And may god return us from the four corners of the earth," now by my own, all be it circuitous, route am returning home. There are several times in the Prophets were Jerusalem is called a mother and we her sons, I think it slightly ironic my first night back will be spent in Jerusalem.

2. "The Wings of an Eagle" - There are two reasons for this. One is related to the idea (not sure if its from Isaiah or from a Midrash [Rabbinical teachings handed down dealing often with more mystical ideas]) that when the time of the Moshiach will come God will return the Jews "on the wings of eagle. " I am settling for a Boeing 747 flown by El Al. However there is a second reason, Rebbi Nachman of Breslove taught a Jew is required to attach himself to every part of the world ans make it holy. I had a special opportunity to come to a place not many Jews come to and as far as I know no Orthodox Jew has come to and also tried to bring with him all the practices involved. I had a special opportunity to attach my self to a new place and make it holy. I am probably the only cadet ever to be able to claim they procrastinated on their homework so they could study a little Gemarah (Talmud). It was by all means a year I can say I gained a lot from, a year I will value more than most others past or to come, and it was because I was an Eagle. That was the mascot of my company and while I did not stay on I can say I am proud to have been one. Judaism teaches to always show Gratitude for the good you are given I was given a wonderful opportunity as an Eagle and I now get to give my little thanks by acknowledging thier part in getting me here.

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