Saturday, June 26, 2010

Anti-Tank Course

So finally it has come the course which defines what we do. With in the Gadsar (Recon Battalion) of every Infantry brigade in the IDF there are three companies. The Palsar (Reconnaissance), the Orev (Anti-Tank), and the Chan (Explosives). I am in the Orev company, and this week we finally began the course for the Orev missile. The course is a 4 week intensive course of both classroom and field study on the TOW II anti-tank missile.

In the course we first of all interact less with our commanders, and more with the instructors, all women. That is a real plus for most of us as our previous base was male only. The course also means we are now officially members of the company and can now make use of its symbol. This means we can now produce tzevet (SF Team) shirts and hats. Now that we have gotten to the course we also have begun to learn the songs associated with the unit. While I would like to write more I am frankly exhausted and want to end with a few words from one of our songs ...

"Ha-Orev sheli Orev,
V'Hagav Sheli Koev"

" My Orev in an Orev
And My back Hurts"

Israel is the only country to make habitual use of the soldiers back to transport this missile system, and this system is heavy. A missile is 30k, and the total system weight is 120k with only 1 missile! So Now you understand a bit better why we are a select unit. Its not odd for us to carry 75-80% of body weight when in full comabt gear.

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  1. I'd love to see some photos! You haven't posted any in a while. Take care. LYB!