Saturday, October 16, 2010

Micro Warfare Prep

As a note on this post I am intentional vague on many topics here as I am not sure publishing exact special urban warfare tactics is a good idea. There are many tactics here which are known as the world’s best and other military's come to train on them here.

This week we began preparation to start training for Lochamie Zeira or in English micro warfare. For this we underwent what was our hardest week yet. We spent the week under the instruction of our krav maga and Terror madrichim or instructors. Terror instructors are the ones who teach us the tactics involved in micro warfare, as well as the special style of shooting, and the shooting stance that go along with it. This style of warfare is used in Urban environments and in close quarters. The idea behind it is at 10 meters a terrorist in motion will not stop with a single round to the chest so we learn how to quickly get into a steady and strong position, get on target without having to aim, and to fire 5 rounds all on target. This is not something one can learn in a day in fact we spent 4 days straight in the shooting ranges to learn how, and my team shot 17,000 rounds that’s about 1000 rounds each. To give you an idea on how much ammunition that is about 35 full magazines. The number of magazines each soldier is issued for war is only 6. (Don’t worry if I go to war I will have far more than that with me.)

To get to the end state of 5 rounds on target in high stress environment we started basic. One round at a time each round getting into the proper firing stance, brining the weapon up and “stabbing” the target (to get on target without having to aim, as that takes extra time) and shooting. The object here is a good stance, fast, and accurate. From this we move to two rounds at a time then three, then fur and five. Then we start to mix it up, we bring in the kneeling position as well. We then brining in how to switch magazines in the middle of shooting. (All shooting here is done with a tzolevet which is two magazines attached together.) Once we have all this down pat we start to add in shooting after sprints to simulate shooting while under pressure, and finally we do all this while wearing bullet proof vests.

Now what makes this week so hard is not just how much we shoot but the discipline. All week long it’s the same discipline I discussed in my previous post on Krav Maga ( “Adam did you just scratch yourself?” “Yes.” “Matzav Shtayim (up pushup position) everyone.” This was no fun as griping your rifle tightly for hours on end, days on end begins to eat away ones palms; push ups on gravel and thorns is similar to placing ones hands on fire. Also there is “nine, Shmuel were your ankles together?” “No” “One!” A common punishment is 10 perfect push-ups, as I explained previously, and if one guy does one push up wrong its back to one.

Now when the sunset and we packed up the shooting ranges we switched over to krav maga (I could not participate though because of my surgery) and Terror lessons. Terror lessons are started the same way a krav maga lesson, except we have 7 minutes to be standing ready. These lessons are dry practices of the shooting positions used in micro warfare, as well as changing positions, weapon jams, changing magazines, charging after a fleeing target, and moving from a run to s steady shooting position. We have also began to practice clearing corners and openings.

Now all this preparation will be put to work next week as we start micro warfare training in an urban warfare training center. We will start with drills on an individual level and move to fire team, then squad, and from there to team.

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