Saturday, April 30, 2011


While on readiness as the team on call we often have drills, but sometimes the real thing. We are one of the first people to be called when any even occurs on the border, be it a terrorist attack or an invasion or something between. While on readiness we must remain on uniform at all times, when we sleep we can remove our boots, and 3 can shower at a time. When the call comes we have 10 minutes to be on all gear and out of there on the vehicles; out team leader gives us 4. The call is called a Hakpatzah.

Sunday afternoon on my way to lunch the Company Commander sticks his head out the door and says, in an oh so calm tone, "Tzevet Hat'eh (my teams name we are called after the Team Leader) Hakpatzah." Every one went running vest, gun, radio pack (I am temporary radio man till the regular one comes back). In the vehicles we start to put in the grenades and I then get on the radio and try to get some more information. By this point we are on the vehicles on the way out, sirens wailing, and at 100 kph in an armored vehicle. My Team Leader told me he has no idea of what is going on and we only know the area we need and no specifics, this may not be a drill. My heart leaped. a real event with Hezbollah behind it is a scary event and possibly deadly. then my Team Leader gets back on the radio he asks me if our missile system is ready and we are the way to a specific settlement. We scream along and my heart is pounding the not knowing is scary enough. Then we arrive, we pull up to the gate of the Brigade HQ, we pound out guns ready packs on, adrenaline pumping and ... all is quite and relaxed. Something is off.

out walks a Captain, and introduces himself. This was a drill to see how long we would tkae to be ready and on target. We were pissed, on lunch time? Why? There damn well be food left when we get back, and it better be good.      

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