Saturday, February 7, 2015

Picking this Back Up

I have not written a post since I got out of the army and its been a few years now but I think its time to go back to writing this blog. It will be good for me to have an outlet for my ideas and creative energies.

As a first post I would like to focus on wine, a good bottle of wine. A great bottle of red wine has a great aroma and a nice flavor when you take those first few sips, and you can feel your self falling in love with it from the very beginning. From there though you grow together as you loosen up and the alcohol takes it hold the wine begins to airate and breath; new aromas arise and flavors begin to swirl and dance creating a new and greater experience when you go back for the second glass. By the time your third glass comes out of the bottle the wine is reaching its maturity, her final flavor have developed her true self is at its peak of expression She can stand on her own and has true strength of character. I think a long term successful Oleh Hadash (New Immigrant to Israel) has a very similar experience as the wine. They come her the person they were before with a long road to ahead to grow on and first few years are like the first and second glass. With the years they grow and develop losing their youth and vibrancy for the more balanced and detailed adult they will become.

to live in Israel the first few years is a love story of falling head over heels and she can do no wrong, but as in all relationships with time you see the small flaws and ticks which bother you. The pushiness or the socialism. Though many of us stick it out and some are even bold enough to try and change things. the more balanced and fine relationship we have with Israel is really a more mature relationship, admitting their are flaws in both of us but in the long run we are really serious about this and are willing to stick it out.

I think I can finally say I am getting to the third glass of wine in my Israel experience.

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