Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Please Remove Your Self From the Jean Pool

I saw this article the other day and it really pissed me off. For one they are skiing out on their service to their country. They can speak out like this because others are defending their way of life, and their lives. But these girls can only think of themselves and are so selfish they are putting their convictions before the lives of their family of friends. If you do not agree with a war, or an a section of the army you do not have to serve there. There are plenty of army jobs which do not require you to leave Tel Aviv and you work a desk all day, and you even can go home each day. But instead these girls placed their own convictions before their family, friends, and my safety.

But this is not the only part which bothers me, it is one thing to conduct a campaign in Israel to change your own nations policy but to go on a speaking tour of another country is unconscionable. This tour serves no purpose other than to make Israel look bad, and to give ammunition to our enemies. This tour will change nothing, and will only serve to enflame college campuses which are already full anti-Israel hate and lies. Israel would be wise to refuse these girls right to return to the states.

But this does not end here; this speaking tour is also being joined and sponsored by Code Pink. This organization is disgusting they support the killing of america soldiers, and proudly so. If they were going to go abroad and sling mud at Israel they at least could have not joined with people who support the killing of their own nations young men. So in conclusion I ask these morons to remove themselves from our jean pool to prevent their idiocy from being communicated onto the next generations.

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