Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Such is the Army

Today is Yom Sayerot, the first step in trying out for the top elite units in the IDF. I had been told to go just ensure you get a 97 profile (the top profile) and you are good to go. So I got my 97 with a sayif (asterisk) for my glasses which s far as I knew only excluded me from pilots course. So I have been getting ready to go to Yom Sayerot and getting my mind ready for passing the hardest gibushim (physical test of will and strength) in the IDF. But last week I was told since I have glasses I can not come to Yom Sayerot.

Most people here would explode, and start to yell and scream. Me I was calm, because nothing will change this decision and therefore I will not worry about it. There is no point wasting your life away worrying about what you can not change. When i spoke with the head of the Mechina (Army prep school) I went to he said the big three units (Matkal, Sayeret, Shaldag) do not take people with glasses, so I could not fight to go. Since I could not change this I did not worry about it so instead I will train even harder for the Golani Gibush and try to get into either Egoz (an irregular warfare unit) or Palsar Golani (the brigades reconnaissance unit) which is like the very tip of the spear which is Golani.

So never forget the Army will always try and screw you. You cant change this so don't worry about it.


  1. And if you're one of the best, you just, you just might get into Orev

  2. That just cracked me up. I am so happy to find out you are keeping a blog.