Friday, January 29, 2010

Coming together

This week we continued to build our skills as we went from doing a movement as pair and now are at a team. This means I am the central leader here being a team leader. We put things together on several levels we practiced movement from location to location, crossing suspicious or threatening territory, then we set up an observation position and watched the second team conquer the hill, and as they finished they told us we had made contact go. So we began our bounding and cover fire and covered a full 600 meters this way. When this drill was over I can really say I felt what an organic team is in full swing.

We also practiced a squad maneuver where my team was the cover fire, and the second team did a flank maneuver on a hill. But since my mifaked (squad leader) is crazy he chose the hill with an almost 90 degree angle. When we finished the drill he then killed off half the squad and we had to carry them one on one back to camp. But we realized as we went along that we could not safely carry the "wounded" back down the hill with out dropping them on their head so my mifaked permitted them to walk on their own down the hill but then back on our backs they went. Of course we got the last wounded to the collection point 2 seconds late and we had to carry them another 100 meters to a new point which we stood on time for too.

Two weeks ago we did have a very interesting experience though I would like to mention. All the team leaders were together and training as one group. The first night they took us outside the base and we had lots of rain so the ground was extremely muddy. We got there and we had to build two goals and every one was thinking Soccer!! then they took out a stick light and told us this is the "ball" and get in the crawling position. We then played an hour plus of soccer crawling. We lost unfortunately so we had to carry the other team back one on one. The man I had to carry weighed 100 kilos I maybe, maybe weigh 75 kilos, fun stuff.

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