Saturday, February 13, 2010

A question I get often is do you enjoy the army or like the army, I would like to answer that question: Yes. The army is an experience one can only experience in one place. when you are standing in full combat gear on the top of the largest hill in the area, knowing you just ran up it, and enjoying the spectacular view you also know no one else is experiencing this or capable. they might be able to stand there too but to know you ran up in full gear, after an exhausting day, and on a very short time alotment makes for a very different moment.

When you look at a blue sky and green, green, grass it does not look the same as when you look through your MARS scope and see the red dot sight over the target with a deep blue sky and green grass background. But when you do a masah the feeling is also different than a simple walk. When you are under a vest, an army backpack, a stretcher loaded full with gear and not allowed to switch out the whole trip is different. We did 3k this way, but this is nothing compared to the 16k+ which we will do just for the right to wear the jump wings.

But at weeks end I got a new toy, a Machpel. Its a scope which is mounted behind my MARS scope and magnifies by 3x. Each team leader received it. This week we will be shooting most of the week so it will be fun to see the difference. The included picture is me with my weapon including the brand new "toy."

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  1. My hubby LOVES your weapon system! You remember his tastes?!