Saturday, June 25, 2011

A Smattering of Events

Over the past few weeks a few big events have occurred for me.

One is I ran the best time in my whole unit (not just company the whole damn unit) on the past fitness test. Let me clarify I did not run the best time ever, meaning no record set but for this iteration I ran the best time. The run is 3000 meters and I completed it in 10:05. For you Americans who have no understanding of kilometers this is 200 meters under 2 miles and is a 10:35 pace for 2 miles. My next goal will be to get under 10 minutes.

The next big occurrence for me is I am going out to the IDF's Infantry NCO course. I will be doing the one for Infantry Reconnaissance units. The preparatory course of 3 weeks starts Monday and I am really pumped! For me to reach my final goal of officers course I need to pass this course and with the best marks possible. The preparatory course takes place at our brigade training base and the NCO course its self takes place at the Infantry School down in the Negev. The course is three months long so before the year is out I hope to be a certified NCO in the Israeli army!

As a note on how the IDF operates while I may currently hold the rank of Sargent I am not a certified commander. Here ranks our set by time served. Corporal after 8 months, Sargent after 16 moths, and Staff Sargent after 26 months. Mandatory service is 36 months. For officers anyone still in mandatory service is a 2nd lieutenant and once one enters professional service he is automatically promoted to 1st lieutenant. the importance in the IDF is less on who is what rank, and rather who knows what and has been trained on what.

Finally this Thursday one of the members of my team is getting married! the whole team is getting released and will be present. The wedding promises to be a blast and I am real happy for my buddy! I guess I have given away what my next post will be about too.    

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