Saturday, July 9, 2011


Palseret it’s the combination of two Hebrew words Palsar and Seret. Palsar is its self an abbreviation of Plugat Si’ur, Reconnaissance Company, and Seret is the word for movie. Thus, the connotation of the word Palseret is another Hebrew term chai b’ (seret, meaning literally “living in a movie.” The meaning being a lack of connection to reality and living in a fantasy land. Now putting all the above together the term Palseret means the Palsar is living in a movie or a fantasy. So what does this have to do with anything?
            The Palsar of the Golani Brigade was one of the first elite units established in Israel. Set up in 1950 by Ariel Sharon it was the source of the first officers for the unit Sayeret Matkal, the IDF’s version of the SAS and top land unit. The unit participated in every major war and operation the IDF has conducted to date including Entebbe. She has operated alongside Shayetet, the IDF SEAL’s, and Sayeret Matkal. Her past commanders have gone on to lead the Golani brigade and to places much higher. The unit has much to be proud of in its past, that no one can argue. Today however, she is a different unit.
            Around 2005 the General Staff ordered that all brigades take their special companies, the Palsar (Reconnaissance), Orev (Anti-Tank), and Chan (Sappers) and place them together in a recon battalion. Some brigades already had this set up and some like Golani did not, with the Palsar being a unit of higher caliber and longer and harder training. Needless to say the Palsar by us was pissed and the order was largely ignored the first year. The framework was there but no one was really listening. This went on till just after the Second Lebanon War in 2006 when the army cracked down. A new battalion commander was sent in with orders clean house or else. He did, there was one pin now the battalion pin with all company pins removed and even shirts bearing there likeness banned. The Palsar fought but lost, badly. The Orev and Chan went along but reluctantly. They too lost things along the way but in the end of the day their training and standards were raised.   
            One standard of training was set up for everyone, and differing only in the courses for their specialties. I arrived at the unit in 2009 when this was the way things were. The Palsar was not even considered the best company the Orev was with a strong team from the November 2007 draft pulling us up. Shortly after my draft the company pins were returned though.
            Now this all ties back to Palseret. How? Because the Palsar still walks around with their nose in the air and attitude of WE ARE BETTER. I can’t stand it either! They still think they are one of the premiere units in the army and the Orev and Chan are just some lower level of existence. Today in the battalion there is a fierce competition between the companies and I do everything to see the Palsar lose. If I can’t stand them thinking they are better then I will also show them I really am better than them. Be it posting the best time in the unit on a run, or my team having the best run time average in the unit. Be it who finishes an act first, or god knows what, just don’t let the Palsar get their first! 

I got one week left in the prep-course (where I have the highest marks) and then Thursday its out to leave for a week! Pumped! 

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